The Home of Custom Design

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The Home of Custom Design

Everyone wants something special for their home. That’s why at Hardman Design we have crafted minimalistic Bauhaus design, created to suit a range of home environments, both in terms of style and comfort.

What we offer

A mix of Hardman Design Furniture

We offer a wide range of bespoke and custom design furniture, featuring everything from custom made dining tables to bespoke bedroom furniture.


Berlin Showroom 2017

After eight years of creating furniture in Berlin, we now have our UK branch founded in London, as well as our production workshop in Northumberland.

What is Bauhaus?

Hardman Design Bauhaus Inspired Work

Our custom furniture design is inspired by a number of artistic styles. One of these is known as the Bauhaus style. Established in 1919, the idea was to elevate the form of craftsmanship. The term itself is a play on “hausbau” which literally means “building a house.”

What this means is that the creation of furniture can be just as artistic as designing a building or creating a work of art. It is also about showing people the process- essentially it means when you buy something like bespoke oak furniture, the wood itself is very much a part of the design and isn’t something that is hidden away. Equally, if a steel support is used in the construction of an item, you won’t have it concealed as this keeps the piece “honest.”


In keeping with the idea of honesty and working with nature, sustainability is another crucial part of our business. Our team may be small, but we work hard to ensure that what we create does not negatively impact the environment. We want people to enjoy our furniture, but equally, it is reassuring to offer the peace of mind that what we are doing will not damage the environment around us.

Flowers surround Hardman Design workshop.


When you buy items from us, whether it’s a hardwood writing desk or a mid-century coffee table, you are getting something that has been produced by our team. For example, the wood used in our designs is 60 per cent processed and dried in-house. In six to eight weeks, you will get a piece that has been specifically crafted with you in mind.

Hardman Design Oak boards in drying chamber

For more information or to discuss custom furniture options to suit your needs, please contact Hardman Design today.



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